Our Methods

In order to cater to your needs, Lavacon offers three types de contractual methods widely used in the construction industry. We have a wealth of experience in each of these methods. Whichever one you choose, you can count on :

  • The know-how of our team of specialists dedicated to the success of your construction project
  • Precise and detailled cost estimates
  • Rigorous logistics
  • A seamless organisation and control of costs throughout the project
  • Increased attention to security on site

Stipulated price contract

The traditional method, also known as « plans and specifications  » is a fixed price contract. For the client, this method has a low level of uncertainty and risk. The client signs contracts with 2 corporate entities. The first contract is to determine all professional services needed for the conception of the project. The second is with a general contractor to define the execution of the project from a construction standpoint. The contractor then hires the subcontractors needed to complete the project.

The objective of this method is to carry out the entire project according to the plans and specifications developped by the client’s professional team. The general contractor performs the work while respecting his obligations concerning occupational health and safety.

The cost of production can only be modified as a result of change orders issued by the professional team. The work will represent the expected performances as defined by the documents drawn up by the consulting engineers and architects. If needed, the general contractor will correct any work which fails to meet the contract requirements. The contractor is responsible for the work, the suppliers and the various tradespeople required for the project.

Construction management

Construction management consists of the owner or his representative carrying out the project according to the final plans and specifications by dividing the work between many suppliers and contractors. This method is similar to the stipulated price method. However, the general contractor allocates a project manager who will manage the entire process from the cost estimates to the final results. This method can be appropriate for large-scale projects that are too complex for the stipulated price method.

Design build / “clés en main”

For this method, the owner entrusts a single company with the responsibility of the engineering and the construction. The work is then guaranteed by the chosen company and is executed at a set price. The company’s reponsabilities end with the delivery of the project.

It has many advantages for the client. Since we take care of all communications between parties and are therefore able to control the budget and timelines, there is a minimal risk of going over budget and the client doesn’t need to worry about the project going smoothly.